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Steven Hooley is an American inventor, and serial entrepreneur. Featured in Nasdaq, Yahoo Finance, Entrepreneur, ABC, NBC, Clickup, and more: His story is one of true inspiration, ambition, and persistence. Over the past 11 years he has focused on innovating in multiple spaces including consulting in finance, real estate, marketing, insurance, investing, trading, cryptocurrency, and more. In the past decade, he has built, managed, and scaled 6-7 figure businesses, developed multi-million dollar applications, consulted for 8-9 figure businesses, and individuals. Steven has been noted as a “Savant”. His work spans the entire globe, having effected the countless lives.

Steven’s private mentorship is extremely exclusive, taking on only a small amount of private mentees every year. His mentorship includes access to his private cell phone number, 1:1 texts, calls, and zooms. While texts are the most frequent, calls and zooms should be expected weekly to bi-weekly depending on mentee needs.

Topics of mentorship vary based on every mentees needs, though Steven is able to mentor on multiple different topics, and industry sectors. Including but not limited to general business, business strategy, wealth/wealth strategy, investments,/investment strategy, asset protection, personal life, paradigm, mindset, technology, cryptocurrency, marketing, consulting, and much more. Steven also shares what he invests in and why, assets he is purchasing, how he personally protects them, businesses he is working with, network introductions, things he is learning, his plans, and more.

Steven’s mentees span the globe, and have achieved huge success going on to start hedge funds, multi-million dollar businesses, global impact, and more.

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