Steven Hooley is an American inventor, and serial entrepreneur. Featured in Nasdaq, Yahoo Finance, Entrepreneur, ABC, NBC, Clickup, and more: His story is one of true inspiration, ambition, and persistence. Over the past 11 years he has focused on innovating in multiple spaces including consulting in finance, real estate, marketing, insurance, investing, trading, cryptocurrency, and more. In the past 3 years, he has built, managed, and scaled 6-7 figure businesses, developed multi-million dollar applications, consulted for 8-9 figure businesses, and individuals. Steven has been noted as a “Savant”. His work spans the entire globe, having effected the countless lives.

his story

“I grew up fairly poor and determined to get ahead in life. I started walking and talking at 8 months old, according to my mother. We didn’t live in the best of neighborhoods. My parents having many of their own issues, divorced when I was around 4 years old. To say that I didn’t have an easy life growing up is the understatement of the century — but I never let it stop me. From the time I was very little, I liked to figure out how things worked. Later in life, I would develop a talent for reverse engineering things. At around 4-5 years old my grandfather (a computer teacher) introduced me to an old Apple Macintosh computer. I thought it was the most amazing thing had ever seen. I didn’t just like to play games on it, I liked to figure out how the operating system itself worked. I liked to explore it, and understand as much as I could. I have continued to explore technology my entire life.

Ultimately, this passion with technology continued, and in elementary school I started programming my first website because I wanted impress a girl. Although I haven’t talked to the girl since, I succeeded in creating my first website, and stared my journey with programming. I have continued this journey to present date. Technology became a much bigger theme in my life as I turned to it more and more over the years. Struggling with many facets of social skills, I struggled to make and keep friends from a very young age. In fact, I experienced quite a bit of bullying. However, sticking to technology wasn’t just my safe haven, it also helped me to gain some of my best friends from uploading some drawings onto a website I made while in junior high school. While I have lost many friends along the way in my journey, I still have some of those friends today.

Education has always been very important to me, but it’s never gotten in the way of my learning. When I was 15 I started college at a school called Utah County Academy of Sciences (an early college high school). Admittedly I followed a girl I had a crush on to this school, but it turned out to be one of the greatest decisions of my life. Not only did I do advanced concurrent enrollment classes, but I also directly attended Utah Valley University. I came out of high school with a full college experience.

While I was in high school I decided to start a business making websites for college students who were starting their own businesses. I was around 16, and I wanted to earn money to save up for a car. I learned how to market, attract clients, and close deals starting at 16 years old. This was incredibly challenging for me because I have struggled with social skills my whole life. Despite my many challenges, I grew this business into an a very successful company that offers a variety of services (IT, consulting, marketing, programming, and more) that I actively run today.

After high school, I leveraged some of my business experience from 16-17 to get my first job at a web hosting company called Bluehost. I learned a lot about web hosting, servers, linux, how the internet really works, and more. I have to say that it was amazing to be able to go straight into the IT field with real working experience. From there I just worked my way up through some of the world’s best IT companies. Through the years I have acquired skills in various areas of technology, ranging from servers, programming, linux/unix, windows servers, databases, cloud, virtualization, enterprise technology and environments, websites, TCP/IP, DNS, networking, and so much more. Before leaving the corporate world to become a full time entrepreneur, I was able to work for some of the world’s largest tech companies (in the enterprise technology sector) like EMC (now DELLEMC), and Oracle.

In the enterprise sector, I gained experience troubleshooting the enterprise systems that run our world. From the data storage systems, all the way up to applications. For anybody who isn’t technical, just know there is ALOT in-between. I used to lead high severity conference calls, pulled together support teams, and lead the teams to a successful resolution. We would solve very critical technical problems that could cost companies millions of dollars every minutes. They were very complex issues in usually large enterprise environments, so it took a lot of knowledge and skill.

It was a truly amazing experience to be able to service fortune 500, and 100 companies like T-Mobile, Morgan Stanley, Merrill Lynch, Goldman Sachs, Raytheon, AT&T, Verizon, Bank of Japan, Bank of America, JP Morgan Chase, Lockheed Martin, Pfizer, clearing houses, government entities, and so many more HUGE companies.

If a database cluster went down for a government missile company? I was a guy that brought those back up. T-mobile/Other BIG telecom towers went down, and they didn’t know why? I was a guy who pulled together a team to figure out why, and we got them working again. Bank of Japan having issues with data storage? Again, I was a guy who got those issues taken care of behind the scenes. JP Morgan chase applications throwing errors? I was a guy who handled the high severity situations to resolve this.

Now if you aren’t very versed with technology, you might not understand most of what I just said in the last paragraph. This is a more simple way to put it: I sat on conference calls with executives of the elite companies who run our world. I troubleshooted the problems of the multi-million and billion dollar systems that power our world, and I fixed their problems.

However, I didn’t just sit on the conference calls and fix their problems. I was fortunate enough to get to talk to them, absorb knowledge, and learn things from them. I gained a lot of experience in both problem solving, and a form of consulting for multi-million (even multi-billion) dollar companies. This also gave me a lot of exposure into megalithic finance companies, which is what peaked my interest to get into investing, trading, and ultimately starting my own trading consulting/educational company.

In 2016, my best friend overdosed on heroin, and my step father tried to commit suicide. I had one of the worst years of my life. In fact, everybody I knew was having one of the worst years of their life. My job was in jeopardy because to be quite honest I was struggling at the time. I turned to my business after work hours to try and make extra money to help people in my life who were suffering. I worked really hard after work putting in the extra hours until the business finally paid off. That was a rough time, but it helped contribute to who I am today.

In 2016 I dived into the online trading niche. built quite a name for myself. Through my journey, I helped build up quite a few brands, and even built their infrastructure. I was able to climb to the top of the niche very quickly, and had an eagles eye view of it. I started to analyze and notice many different things that both helped me in business, as well as some inventions.

Mid 2016 I started my own trading consulting/educational company that did very well to start. We started a business model that turned the industry on its head, and the company gained a massive following in the niche. Late 2016 I had a volunteer contractor try and blackmail me for 10% of of the business, which was refused. It all came to crashing halt when they were kicked out and started a smear campaign against me. The company suffered massive setbacks, and when they succeeded in convincing almost all of my contractors to leave and start their own business just like mine. I learned a lot from this experience. 

This was a dark time for many reasons. Not only did I have a business fail, but had a smear campaign attacking my reputation and damaging my ability to do business online. My world was coming crashing down around me as well. I was still working a job at this time. Not to mention the shear exhaustion mentally, emotionally, and physically. My hours were 16+ hours a day between a full time job and businesses. I was constantly stressed, and anxious. I had a wife and two kids, and finding time for them was incredibly difficult. In all honesty, my marriage had all but collapsed at this point. My stepfather was struggling through drugs, and was living with my mother in the basement. This wasn’t a good situation and was escalating every week. My family members were struggling financially. My friends were struggling as well. I was under so much pressure. I remember this being so incredibly difficult because I just wasn’t prepared for all of these things at once. When family started to misunderstand me, and friends started abandoning me, I truly started to feel alone.

Although this was one of the darkest times in my adult life, it also ended up being a powerful new beginning. In the midst of the chaos, to keep my company alive, I turned to writing algorithms to do the parts of the business the contractors were doing. I didn’t know at the time how many lives these algorithms would change. Nor did I know how much of a talent I would have for this. I also decided to figure out a way to change up the business model. This took a bit of creativity, but eventually I dropped everything that wasn’t to do with the software.

Within a couple of months, those algorithms led to me inventing unique trading software that I began testing my to my existing user base. In late 2016-early 2017 around new years I was contacted by a business associate who had a rather interesting opportunity. He mentioned that there was a “educational company” that focused on various methods of trading in the financial markets that was looking for a consultant that seemed to be a possible fit. After some negotiation a deal to come in and write their educational course, consult their live sessions, and consult for their business was signed. The same deal also birthed the first opportunity to license cutting edge trading software that the company wanted to resell to their customers. The company had around 5,000 users at its peak, doing multiple millions in sales. It was an incredible experience that impacted thousands of lives, and truthfully was an important growth experience. Unfortunately, after some important information came to light about some backend operations in late 2017, this wonderful company was added to the “Past Experience” section of Steven’s resume. At the same time of all of this, Steven also had the experience of working with experienced business-men who desired to form a hedge fund who were impressed with several creative algorithms. That was a unique experience as well, though it unfortunately was not a venture that took off. 

By the end of 2017, I was contacted by high level representatives of a up and coming Multi-Level Marketing company that vivaciously pioneered several new concepts that were not typical in the world. At a very young age, a deal licensing multiple trading softwares that were used by countless users all over the world was closed. For the next several years Steven toured the world speaking on stages ranging from 200 to over 10,000 people teaching about cutting edge technology that has been revered by many as “life changing”. After Steven’s first software was licensed paired with light consulting, the company had a huge explosion in growth, and as more software’s were licensed, Steven continued lightly consulting in tandem with various teams within the company’s very determined staff, the company continued to have even more explosive growth reaching tens of millions of dollars per month. The company continues to educate countless amount of lives to this day.

Steven has continued to consult, and invent innovative softwares, and technologies for many 6-9 figure companies around the world in various industries including but not limited to E-commerce, Finance/FinTech, Marketing, Crypto-Currency, Real Estate, Health & Wellness, various industries of Educational companies, Music & Entertainment,  Solar, Insurance, and more…

What About Now?

Steven: “For the last 5+ years, my trading software has helped tens of thousands of people around the globe in over 80+ countries. Since then, I’ve invented several more softwares. It’s truly been a blessing to have such a global impact. I’m so grateful. 

Today, I do a lot of consulting for small to large businesses, and travel across the world speaking on stages to teach people how to empower themselves. I do a bit of marketing for multiple companies as well, sometimes leveraging my ability as a social media influencer. I actively continue to follow my passion inventing new innovative softwares. I’m always looking for new business ventures, or ways to expand my current businesses. For me, the wheels never stop turning!

My story is truly one of passion, determination, and persistence. I’ve been through so many challenges in life from such a young age, but I never gave up. That has truly made such a huge difference in my life. You can learn so many things in life. You can open books, or search online to learn just about anything. It’s hard to learn to treat failure like a mentor rather than something you fear. It’s hard to be persistent no matter the setback. I can tell you that it’s worth it.”

He travels the globe educating, and public speaking. He mentors tens of thousands online in a combination of niches. When he isn’t working he is enjoying time with his family, friends, learning about psychology, traveling, or thinking of the next big idea.

If you would like to inquire about business, consulting, partnerships, software/app development, etc — please contact Steven here.

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