You Are an Architect

Did you know that YOU are an architect?

Do you want to learn how to “HACK” your brain, AND not only change your life, but mold it to be however you want it to be???

I want to start by brining something very important to your attention: Believe it or not, your thoughts construct your reality. How? It’s actually quite simple.

Your thoughts lead to your actions that you DO, or DON’T do. BOTH are equally as important and a lot of people miss that!!

Your actions, lead to your thinking patterns aka your Mindset.

This effects how we see life, the opinions/bias we form, how we handle various things in life, what we accomplish, who we connect with, our paradigm, perspective and more!!

Your perspective is literally your filter of how you see the world around you, and everything in it. It’s the filter by which you experience the world.

Your mindset leads to your behavior, and random actions not necessarily consistent with normal behavior. (Most people miss that one too)

Behaviors form patterns in our lives, which also construct our daily schedules, routines, and lays the structure for our lives. It’s often hard to break behavioral patterns… So be careful!

This all builds into how we interact with people. The kind of jobs we seek, or get. Our work ethic, or lack thereof. Our finances. The things we spend on. Whether or not we hold a relationships, get married, have kids, etc. Our hobbies, and what we do in our leisure time. Whether or not we finish schooling, or sometimes even how well we do in school. How far we might go in school. How we handle challenges. Our ability to “bounce back”. The list goes on.

So the lesson? Everything starts with a thought. We are all architects, constructing our really, with every thought! For more research the “Law of Attraction”.

Love life? Excellent. Keep it up! Hate life? Are you dissatisfied with something? You should know that whatever you focus on, you’re going to think more about. Whatever you think more about you’re going to end up getting more of.

These principles apply to EVERYTHING in life. Which means your next course of action is to start by changing your thoughts. Always remember that you’re in charge of writing your own story. You create your reality…

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