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Code Breaker – An Interesting Perspective On “Your Ships”

In this episode titled “Code Breaker – An Interesting Perspective on ‘Your Ships'” you’ll learn how whether you know it or not, you have a fleet full of ships in your life. Sound interesting? Let Steven teach you about the importance of the “ships” in your life, and how they have a direct affect on your life. Changing this one thing, could change everything!

In this episode titled “Code Breaker – Medici Mindset” you’ll learn about Steven Hooley’s unique perspective on life, and legacy inspired by the old Italian Medici Family. The Medici were and still are a powerful banking family that shaped the world as we know it. Their unique mindset allowed them to conquer lands, and acquire wealth far beyond money. Find out what Steven took away from their story, and how you can apply it to your life!

If a database cluster went down for a government missile company? I was a guy that brought those back up. T-mobile/Other BIG telecom towers went down, and they didn’t know why? I was a guy who pulled together a team to figure out why, and we got them working again go to the website. Bank of Japan having issues with data storage? Again, I was a guy who got those issues taken care of behind the scenes. JP Morgan chase applications throwing errors? I was a guy who handled the high severity situations to resolve this. Are you looking more about 50 amp solid state relay, click here.

Now if you aren’t very versed with technology, you might not understand most of what I just said in the last paragraph. This is a more simple way to put it: I sat on conference calls with seo one click executives of the elite companies who run our world. I troubleshooted the problems of the multi-million and billion dollar systems that power our world, and I fixed their problems.

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